Coogee House

Our proposed major alterations and additions in Coogee has been recently DA approved by Randwick City Council. The design aims to take advantage of its panoramic views towards Coogee Bay  while providing a contemporary designed home suitable for modern day living.


Greenwich House

After some negotiation with Council, we are proud to say our Greenwich House has been approved by Lane Cove Council. We look forward to the opportunity to create a special home that matches its location.


Tennyson Point House

A recent visit to our project at Tennyson Point House shows work is receiving its final touches. The tiered floating architectural roof form and use of various materials such as glass, metal cladding and natural materials such as granite cobble stones and white sandstone are working well in unison. We look forward to the final touches as it nears completion


Epping House

Our Epping house in project is complete and we are adding the final touches. The charred timber exterior cladding creates a nice contrast to the lush green lawn and vegetation. We feel this house is a good example of the harmony between the ‘old and new, and the seamless connection between contemporary architecture and its rich historical roots.