Killara House

Our interiors aim to give a sense of connection to the architecture, from the position of a window to the height of a door, each element is designed to complement each other. At our Killara house, the interior design aims to be comfortable, intimate yet functional.

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Concord House

Our resort style residence in Concord has recently commenced construction. The concept involves carrying a pool as a central element of the house. To provide poolside living yet act as water feature and a reflection pond. The angular design follows throughout the overall plan to each element.


concord house

Roseville House

Our proposed alterations and additions in Roseville has commenced construction. The proposal is for a rear contemporary designed extension to a existing Californian style bungalow. The configuration of the dwelling respects the existing roof line while providing providing a large void to filter light from the north.


Leichhardt Terraces

Our Leichhardt Terraces are under construction revealing the various architectural design details. Due to the limited size of the lot, the design aims to connect spaces vertically to give a ‘sense of space’. A angular central stair connects all 3 levels yet filter light to the lower levels. The design aims to well appointed yet simple, a reflection of the client’s requirements.