Killara House

Our Killara house is to commence construction very shortly. This home represents a contemporary residence with the modern articulation reminiscent of the large Victorian homes of its Era.


Epping House

Our Epping house in project is complete¬†and we are adding the final touches. The charred timber exterior cladding creates a nice contrast to the lush green lawn and vegetation. We¬†feel this house is a good example of the harmony between the ‘old and new, and the seamless connection between contemporary architecture and its rich historical roots.

Five Dock House

We recently revisited a project in Five Dock to take some professional photos. The angular form of the rear extension and the light scoop roof allows for the light to stream into the residence throughout the day.

Henley House

Our project at Henley is recently been completed. The proposal aims to provide its owners with an alfresco area for all seasons. The Alfresco space is enclosed by a series of bi-stacking sliding doors with a polished concrete floor.