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At studioJLA we have recently joined the social media platform  instagram # studioJLAarchitect. We feel this social media platform is a great space to share collectively our ideas and inspiration.

Over the years and with a passion for design, we have been creating beautiful yet contemporary spaces for people to enjoy. We appreciate the opportunities given by our clients and my staff’s dedication to bring good design into fruition.

We see this as an opportunity to share not just our final images but also our knowledge and our experiences in dealing with various design and construction matters throughout our process.

We look forward to sharing our thoughts and images and please follow us @ www.instagram.com/studioJLAarchitect






Architecture – Future Systems

At studioJLA, we feel our architecture is an evolving process between design and technology. With advancement in sustainable technologies and being more affordable, their is an opportunity for the built environment to be more efficient in adapting to changes to its environment.

These technologies provide a dwelling with the ability to react to immediate changes in their environment while just a passive design approach generally is a response to seasonal changes and solar access.

For instance the typical home generally relies on mechanical air conditioning to heat and cool to bring a home to a constant thermal comfort level. Which the amount of air cooling or heating is determined by design and its existing thermal conditions.

However new technologies such as smart ceiling fans that reacting to the temperature of a space and adjust their fan speed to moderate the temperature of a room. The monitoring and small input of ventilation reduces the need for large input to cool and heat a space. Such large mechanical systems also require labour and resources to fabricate all the components. So each system needs to consider the input of each technology vs its output.

Such systems has been mainly for the commercial market but with large companies seeking to develop home automation systems based off AI, we are seeing many companies bring many smart home technologies to allow homes to assist in creating a sustainable future.

At studioJLA we are evolving our design approach and knowledge of various technological systems to provide a reactive built environment and systems that reduces our impact to the environment.










Castle Hill House by studioJLA ( Architect )



Once DA consent has been granted by Council, generally we begin the discuss the next steps forward in bringing your project in fruition. We believe each element needs careful thought and refinement to make a great environment to be enjoyed by its occupants. To do so, we believe in taking the time to create spaces which are both personal yet be each element work cohesively to create a seamless interaction between spaces. Our process moving forward is designed to assist our clients in their desire to create a dream home that inspires life yet meets its function.

We believe the next phases to be the most technical and complex phases of work, as they include all the issues such as design, planning, building regulations, cost and contractual issues to bring forward the project into fruition. We feel our expertise and experience in working with clients from start to finish, provides the expertise to make this time an enjoyable process while refining the design to create a special place.

To meet various building standards and requirements, this process requires the coordination of various consultants such as engineers, suppliers and specialized consultants to ensure all elements work together in a cohesive manner.

This process involves both design, coordination and technical knowledge to bring all the elements into a package suitable for costing and to complete the project. We appreciate most clients have little or no experience in construction process and therefore we provide both guidance, expertise and knowledge to procure documentation and management of the various stages moving forward.

We are typically involved from start to finish for our projects, we do believe our experience in all areas of the design and building cycle allows us to take a value-added approach to all elements to find the balance between design, cost and your needs.











Castle Hill House by studioJLA ( Architect )

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A short video illustrating our project in Epping and its progress over several months. The video illustrates the process of construction of a the light weight structure and its relationship to its exterior finishes. We look forward to providing more details as the project moves towards the interior fitout.











Epping House by studioJLA ( Architect )