WORK IN PROGRESS – Roseville House

Our proposed alterations and additions in Roseville has commenced construction and demolition is underway. The proposal is for a rear contemporary designed extension to a existing Californian style bungalow. The configuration of the dwelling respects the existing roof line while providing providing a large void to filter light from the north.


WORK IN PROGRESS – Queens Park House

Construction has commenced at our Queens Park Residence. The site has been cleared and screw piering is complete and preparation has begun for the rear concrete slab. The proposed alterations and additions aims to respect the streetscape by restoring the previously renovated Californian bungalow while providing an contemporary extension for modern day living.


WORK IN PROGRESS -Tennyson Point House

A recent visit to our project at Tennyson Point House shows work is progressing well. The tiered floating architectural roof form and use of various materials such as glass, metal cladding and natural materials such as granite cobble stones and white sandstone are working well in unison. We look forward to the final touches as it nears completion



Our Epping house in project is well underway. With the demolition complete, concrete slab laid and the timber framing to the rear extension is close to completion. We are at the point in the building process where you get an appreciation of the overall form and flow between spaces and discus the resolution of the various architectural elements to ensure the outcome achieves its purpose and overall vision.