WORK IN PROGRESS – Tennyson Point House

Our project located along Tennyson Point Rd has been DA approved by Ryde Council. The design centres around a ‘resort style living concept and features a cantilevered pool with an angular concrete frame structure. The pool acts a centre piece to the home and cooling feature to the adjoining living spaces.

tennyson point house


Located along a tree lined street in Roseville and within a series of Californian bungalows and period homes. We have been given the task to design a home for a growing family to reflect their love of the outdoors and love for tennis.

With each and every home, they represent their own unique set of challenges and this residence was no exception. The challenge for this project was to make the additional accommodation for a growing family yet provide good solar access with its poor orientation. While considering the bulk and scale of any addition to be in keeping with its context.

Our solution involved positioning the private spaces to the northern side of the residence to create a void extending the full length of the living space below. This allowed for light to filter throughout the residence and yet create a dramatic space.

The proposed renovations also include a glass pavilion close to the tennis court to allow friends and family to enjoy watching tennis or a place for perfect for kids celebrations.








Roseville residence by studioJLA ( Architect )

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Our helical stair by enzie stair has progressed to the stage of plastering. The stair spans over 3 floors and is more like a sculptural element in the making. The complexity of its structure yet simplicity in its twisty form provides a dramatic effect to greet it’s owners and friends yet is one of the most comfortable stair we have walked on.