Our design philosophy with selection of colours and materials, they should enhance a both the exterior and interior appearance of the space. We the design should take precedent and where possible to use the natural colour of materials which can add character and charm . As with many of our projects, we like to leave some architectural element exposed throughout the house, we find there are certain colours and tones that complement the use of these materials.


We find all well designed spaces should provide good light and a connection to it surroundings. Therefore the simple use of white walls can be sufficient to allow the play of light and be a backdrop to the landscape beyond. We then often suggest adding colour via the fixtures, fittings and artwork rather than  adding feature coloured walls. We often forget with an open plan style configuration, there are many elements within a space which all contribute to the overall juxtaposition of colours.

We find keeping a simple use of materials allows the most flexibility in overall colour selections for their furniture and fittings throughout the home.


In designing a home, we have a preference to keep materials in their natural state if possible.  The use of galvanised steel, raw fibre cement sheet, timber and sandstone are materials which age over time to add a certain charm.


When we use colour we like to measure the light in space to determine if we can add contrast in colours such as using both light and the contrast of dark colours. For instance, we have found using a black ceilings as a great way to offset against the grey tone of polished concrete to give a richness to the space. Lately we have been are using reflective metallic materials such as brass to highlight our joinery pieces and add a touch of class.











Henley House by studioJLA ( Architect )

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